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Junior MBA Junior MBA

Arcadia Education is proud to be the proponent of the region’s first Entrepreneurship programme for primary school pupils, to inspire and teach them the basics of entrepreneurship.

The programme is loosely based on the first year MBA programme and has been designed by the school’s CEO, Navin Valrani, a graduate from two of the world’s leading business schools, The Wharton School of Business and the London Business School.

This innovative programme brings together children’s innate creativity with the skills of entrepreneurship. The aim of the programme is to inspire and teach pupils the basics of entrepreneurship from a young age. The course is developed carefully keeping in mind the age-group. It is offered as simple and easy to understand modules that allow pupils’ to explore the opportunities, which stem from entrepreneurial thinking.

The Junior MBA programme is offered to all pupils from Year 1 upwards as an enrichment option, and covers areas such as Finance, management, marketing and social entrepreneurship. Upon completion of the programme, children present their business ideas to their parents and peers.

Arcadia Education is currently working on strategic partnerships to launch its Junior MBA programme around the world to include the UK, Europe, and US through an online offering, as well as exchange programmes with collaborating schools.

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