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Badminton School, UK


Motivated by a genuine desire to improve standards of schools in the larger interest of all pupils in the region, Arcadia Education is committed to collaboration with other schools across the globe.

Badminton is one of the oldest schools in the UK founded specifically to educate girls. Founded in 1858 by Mrs Miriam Badock, Badminton was set up to offer girls the same educational opportunities that their brothers enjoyed.

For over 150 years, the school has nurtured and inspired girls to succeed in every area of life: from politics to the creative arts; from medicine to motherhood. Its values and success are built on the pioneering ideas of extraordinary women. It is a pioneering school in many areas, not least scientific education (the Science Centre was opened in 1958 by Countess Mountbatten of Burma). The school is also renowned for creative arts and has links to some of the most renowned figures of twentieth-century English culture.

Arcadia and Badminton enjoy a collaborative relationship that allows both schools to benefit from a knowledge exchange that includes curriculum enhancements, virtual learning, technology transfer and university advisory services.