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Arcadia Education aspires to instil a lifelong passion for learning by nurturing innovation. In this pursuit, we have formed an official partnership with 7billionideas, the UK-based ideas company that aspires to connect the 7billion people on the planet with their own ideas.

They do this via their social media platform, corporate training and their education offerings under their 7billeducation arm. They inspire students to think big and dream big about the possibility of their ideas while developing key life skills to help students act on their ideas. 7billeducation has worked with over 50,000 students in the last four academic years. They are associated with reputed educational organisations in the UK such as United Learning and Creative Education Academies Trust to name a couple.

The Arcadia Preparatory School, our debutant school in the UAE, was the first school in the Middle East to work in partnership with the 7billionideas team. With the 7billionideas programme, all our pupils across all our schools will be encouraged to express their ideas and with help, these ideas can become great tangible business ventures.